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The universities should not be mere educational centers churning out engineers, doctors, advocates, scientists, businessmen or great literary giants but they should strive to create morally and ethically sound responsible citizens... Read More

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It shall be the general duty of the Regulatory Commission :-

  • To take all such steps as it considers necessary for determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examination and research in the private university.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, to ensure that private universities collect only such fees and other charges, which cover the cost of education imparted by them and also give a reasonable surplus to enable them to maintain assets and carry out further expansion.
  • To ensure that the teachers of the private university have at least the minimum educational qualifications prescribed by the University Grants Commission or other regulatory bodies.
  • To ensure that the staff of the private university is appointed in conformity with the Statutes, Ordinances and norms or guidelines prescribed by the University Grants Commission and other concerned statutory bodies.
  • To ensure that students enrolled in the private university are not exploited and no unethical means or adopted to collect undue or excessive fee from them.
  • To take action pertaining to and pursuant upon liquidation of a private university including arrangement for completion of courses, conduct of examinations, award of degrees etc. by assigning the job to some other State university in such a manner that the interest of the students are not adversely affected and the expenditure made for these arrangements for the students along with the process of liquidation of the private university shall be made good from the money deposited in the endowment fund and/or general fund.